"Unity Coin" Dogecoin Collectible Coin
"Unity Coin" Dogecoin Collectible Coin
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"Unity Coin" Dogecoin Collectible Coin

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It Gets Better
10% of the sale of this item will benefit It Gets Better
The It Gets Better Project is a nonprofit organization helping young LGBT people see that happiness and a community of support can be a reality now and in the future. We are committed to improving outcomes for LGBT youth by creating innovative media to inspire the changes needed to make things better for everyone worldwide.

Dogecoin Military Challenge “Unity Coin” Limited. Condition is "New". Only 300 will be made.

There is not a serial number or COA included with this coin.

This is our Pre-order while we begin creating them!

Pressed and Ready. Each coin is hand-painted to perfection.


To the buyer(s):

Coins are cut out from brass.

A physical mold gets created and carved out with the coin design.

The mold is used to press on the brass to imprint the design.

After pressing they get polished out and cleaned to ensure no imperfections.

The coins then get dipped in the plating of choice, in this case, the gold plating.

After plating cures they get colored which is done by hand and by real people, spot by spot.

After that is done they sit and cure they get prepared, packaged, and shipped out to our customer.


Coin is 2.5”

Limited to print per order.

Max available- 300

10% goes to the It Gets Better Human Equality Charity of Los Angeles

Please allow approx 3-4 weeks to be shipped once your order is placed as each one is hand made.

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