"Orion's Nebula" Dogecoin Collectible Coin
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"Orion's Nebula" Dogecoin Collectible Coin

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10% of the sale of this item will benefit Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. The mission of Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles is 100% dedicated to the rescue, care, and placement of abandoned, neglected, unwanted, displaced, and abused pugs. Every year Pug Nation saves and adopts out hundreds of loving Pugs from the streets of Southern California – thanks to the support of individuals like you.


Our "Orion's Nebula" Limited Edition Coin is now available for pre-order!

This is a Pre-Order Mint as each coin is hand-made to order.

There is not a serial number or COA included with this coin.


We are limiting this batch to only /300


To the buyer(s):

Coins are cut out from Anodized Tungsten plated nickel!

A physical mold gets created and carved out with the coin design.

This collectible captures the natural reflective supernatural mix of colors often seen in Nebula's when stars are born!

After that the coin is complete we cure the collectible and it gets prepared, packaged, and shipped out to our customer.


Coin is 2.5” (see pictures)

Limited to print per order.

Max available- 300

10% goes to The pug nation rescue of Los Angeles!

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