ĐogeDrip & Co. "ROCKY MOUNTAIN WATER" (2-pack)
ĐogeDrip & Co. "ROCKY MOUNTAIN WATER" (2-pack)
ĐogeDrip & Co.

ĐogeDrip & Co. "ROCKY MOUNTAIN WATER" (2-pack)

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If you want to try our water, this is the go-to water pack for you! Grab our 2 Pack (32 oz total) today! When you purchase a 2 pack of our water, you are contributing to distributing #RockyMountainWater to the world and the people who need it the most!

This water undergoes 9 steps of purification including:

  • KDF-55 Media Process: Removes chlorine and soluble heavy metals; controls micro organisms.
  • Carbon Media: Removes organics, volital organic chemicals (such as MTBE, Trihalmethanes, etc). Improves Water’s color, taste, and odor.
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Removes dissolved solids in-organic & heavy metals (i.e. arsenic, aluminum, barium, copper, lead, mercury, nitrates, radium, and all others.)
  • Ozone Process: Final, precautionary measure to ensure against any bacteria/organisms.

The secret to this mountain escape water is that it's purification process has been perfected over the last 30 years to provide an outstanding, refreshing glass of water that is noticeably just BETTER! Consistently, PURE water.

 You can purchase DogeDrip & Co. Rocky Mountain Water  in a 6 pack with a standard 16.9 ounce bottle. This is the highest form of quality water you can find. Make sure you stock up!

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